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Aim and Objectives – TCM-NET Graduation School is aimed to provide an overview and promote knowledge exchange on cutting-edge topics in the fields of functional materials for flexible electronics, smart surfaces and sensors. This will be a one-day science school where the latest advances and new concepts in these fields will be shared and discussed in a stress-free atmosphere, before the official kick-off of MATERIAIS 2019.

Topics – TCM-NET Graduation School program includes tutorial presentations by prominent experts in the field of functional materials, going from their conception, production up to their integration into devices and systems. During the afternoon the program includes an open debate and general sum up session with all the participants.

Target audience – TCM-NET Graduation School is targeted at PhD students with various backgrounds (Nanotechnologies, Materials Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics and Chemistry) but also Master Students already preparing their thesis. Of course, high level researchers and participants from industry are also welcome. Students participating in the school are encouraged to submit a poster that will be displayed during the entire day, where they can present and promote their work if in some form related to the school’s topics. During coffee breaks and lunch there will be time for informal poster discussion.

. Symposium A | Functional materials

A1:  Materials for energy and environment
A2: Bio-inspired materials and materials for healthcare applications
A3: Magnetic, electric and photonic functional materials
A4: Carbon based materials
A5: Paper electronics

. Symposium B | Structural materials

B1: Advances in ceramics, concrete, building materials
B2: Advances in metals and alloys
B3: Advances in polymers
B4: Advances in composites and hybrid materials

. Symposium C | Materials processing, characterization and modelling

C1: Processing technologies (including additive manufacturing)
C2: Coatings and interfaces
C3: Recycling
C4: Materials characterization (including at nanoscale)
C5: Materials Modelling

. Special Session | Cultural Heritage

CH: Advances in Cultural Heritage – Science, Materials and Techniques

. Satellite Event | Project Pitch & Dissemination

. SPM Award for Career and Recognition

. Best Poster Award